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Tales from Sirac's Point
Session 3

Our adventurers were making their way to the last site marked on the dead gnome’s map, following the elven druid and human scout in a winding path through the hills. Flambo at one point asked the druid why they were going over some hills and not others, or through some light copses of trees and not others and the druid simply replied that they were sacred ground to the Earthmother Avar’rein the Goddess of Nature and Faerie-kind, an explanation Flambo accepted without any further comment.

They came across a recent battlefield and made a good search but found nothing salvageable. Flambo did find a metal plate with the word “THUN-” but it was broken in half. A more thorough search found the other half of the plate and when put together, spelled “THUNDERWICKET”. It had no meaning to them, but Flambo decided to keep it anyway. After completing their searches, Flambo gave the remains of both Man and Orc combatants Last Rites to Vulknar. This raised some questions from Vendee about how Vulknar’s priests view death and whom is deserving of an afterlife, but Flambo simply replied – “I worship a God, he can sort out who he wants and who he doesn’t”.

Leaving the site, later in the day they stumbled across a ramshackle campsite inhabited by Cregg and Rak’Shan, former caravan and expedition guards of one of the gnome and dwarves’ competitors. They fled the expedition when all was lost and gathered what they could to survive. Not fully trusting that they weren’t telling the truth (the popular thought was they were actually looting the fallen on the battlefield), Vendee and Flambo allowed them to join with the remains of their expedition.

Traveling the rest of the day through the hills, the adventurers made their way to the failed expedition’s camp and decided to camp out for the night on a nearby hill overlooking the site.

Throughout the night, the people on watches took note that odds and ends were move around and out of place, but nothing was missing. It was suspected that Cregg and Rak’Shan were initially responsible, but everyone could account for their location throughout the night. The only clue was the abundance of light poke marks in the soil. The human scout commented they didn’t look like any type of tracks he was familiar with, it was a mystery.

Over the next day the group explored the excavation site and discovered there were three areas where digging occurred. There were some tools (shovels and spades) in the holes, and an abundance of the poke-tracks in the area. In one hole they found the digging went down to a slab of worked granite, full of cracks. Another was only about 10 feet deep, but looked as if digging was just stopped due to nothing interesting found. The last excavation site was the most interesting – in a hole 30 feet deep and roughly 20 feet across, they found a roughly ogre-sized metal giant, similar (if not smaller than) to the one they saw in the Legion’s Crypt a few days previous. Vendee climbed carefully down to investigate it closer, cautious so he could attempt escape should it react to his presence.

Unmoving, the thing was clutching a great, giant-sized hammer of strange metal and covered in runes of powerful enchantment. One of the humans accompanying Vendee freak out and ran from the hole screaming about the metal giant and hid behind a wagon. Vendee discovered there were handholds and ports all over the thing, most likely to maintain it since they all opened to joints and gears and other things he couldn’t identify. Behind one port he found a bunch of levers and dials, but couldn’t surmise their purpose. There was also a place for a metal plate about the size of the broken one Flambo was carrying, so the group christened the metal giant ‘Thunderwicket’. The group determined that one of the other expedition’s wagons was built to carry it here, then it was lowered into the hole and used its hammer to break through the stone. Some discussion ensued over taking the magical hammer and finding a buyer back at Sirac’s Point, but was put on the back burner after several factors were taken under consideration.

On the floor of the dig opposite the hulking metal giant was a large hole, opening into darkness below. The human scout noted there were an abundance of the tracks here as well. Flambo dropped a torch into the dark and discovered the floor was 20 feet distant and was a large room. Hovering down, he secured the room while the rest of the group climbed down rope ladders. The expedition guards were left topside to guard the claim, but Cregg and Rak’Shan were invited to join for a standard half share, which they accepted.

They found a large room with marble floors and 4 stone doors. A thorough search turned up nothing. Determined to move east, the door proved troublesome and Rak’Shan noted that there was about a handspan between the bottom of the door and the floor. Finallt opened, they found a short hall ending in a “T” intersection with stone doors at either end similar to the previous one. Checking the southern most door, Rak’Shan determined it safe and while opening it heard an audible ‘click’, but nothing happened. The room beyond was a simple warrior’s tomb with a carved sarcophagus of a knight with a silver inlaid sword and the symbol of Apathos, Lord of the Gods emblemized on his shield. Opening it, they found dust and some teeth, so they resealed it and left the room.

Some discussion ensued over returning to Sirac’s Point since they found an obvious tomb of an Apathos-worshipping warrior, but couldn’t confirm it was Haindrad’s Tomb, so they pressed on to the northern door. Rak’shan deem this one safe as well, but upon opening it, got a nasty surprise.

3 hands and 3 feet, in various states of decay attacked the group, clawing and kicking their way through the first rank and inflicting many minor wounds. The group prevailed, to find an altar room, long defiled with a black fist-sized orb resting on a blood-stained altar. The blood was long-since dried and old and Galeena was in greed mode as soon as she saw what she thought was a huge black pearl. They eventually talked her down and determined to leave the tomb to rest for a day, regain magic and plot their next course of action and better organize. They also determined that the crawling appendages were the source of the strange tracks and that they have free roam of the crypt with the doors created the way they are.

So they went topside to rest the remainder of the day, with Flambo using his healing skills to create poultices and tend to everyone’s wounds. That night, they were awoken by the alarm of one of the guards. Just in time, the group saw a hand outlined in electrical sparks, then 3 balls of lightning shot from it and struck the human guard, frying him to an immediate crisp. In the flashes of lightning, Vendee noted the glint of a ring on one of the hand’s fingers and tried to keep track of that one, but lost it in the chaos of the darkness and fighting. A short combat ensued and ended with Cregg channeling the power of Tymira and driving off 14 of the creatures (many of which had not sprung from their holes). Rak’Shan noticed a head among the hands and feet scattering. He chased it down and tried to grab it, but it turned on him and bit deeply into his arm. When the rest of the group saw him go down in a spray of blood, they retrieved him quickly and made sure he was stable. The creatures did not return and in the morning healing magic was applied to those hurt the worst still.

With some magic left, they descended back down into the marble hall and check the northern door. Finding it safe, they opened it to a hall with statues set into alcoves, 3 on each side and a portcullis at the far end of the hallway. Much time was spent in careful searching, but no traps were sprung or found. Neither was the lever for the portcullis. Flambo decided to try lifting the statues one by one, finally finding one with a button under one of its feet (it was thought that the statue was balanced to be tilted slightly and press the trigger). Cautiously pressed, the portcullis raised up, allowing access to another part of the tomb…

Campaign Date: Solenus 13th-15th, 5231 A.C.

XP given out:
  • Acolyte Flambo of Vulknar, Male Endu – 180 xp (965 xp)
  • Vendee the Magi-scout, Male Elf – 217 xp (1,151 xp)
  • Galeena Bramblefoot the Woman-at-Arms, Female Halfling – 52 xp (407 xp)
  • Lirus the Prestidigitator, Male Elf – 52 xp (407 xp)
  • Cregg the Acolyte of Tymira, Male Human – 180 xp (180 xp)
  • Rak’Shan the Initiate, Male Tigran – 192 xp (192 xp)
Tales from Sirac's Point
Session 2

Session 2 began with our adventurers meeting outside Cicero’s Books in order to explore the Undercity for a bit. They entered and talked with Cicero (who made Flambo go around back for fear he would topple the many shelves and stacks of books). Once they secured Cicero’s permission, he let Flambo in the back door and allowed them access to his cellar, where a hole in the wall allowed access to the Undercity.

The first chamber was large and had a few discarded items from a previous adventuring party, such as damaged shields, broken weapons and many blood stains, some of which were drag marks leading through a northern doorway (now closed). A passageway also exited to the chamber’s east, but they boldly chose the door. Vendee forced it open, but creatures were waiting on the other side and surprised the group, pelting them with sling fire. Missile combat ensued with Daniel and Flambo taking some minor wounds, but in the end, half a dozen headless creatures were slain (one fumbled his attack and killed himself). The last one tried to escape, but as he ran Indiana Jones-style over the bodies of his comrades, Flambo’s sling found its mark and took it out. The group examined them and determined to save a couple of bodies for the town’s sage and any other interested buyers and pocketed some coin as well.

The exits from here were a door to the north that was heavily barred, boarded and chained and a passageway heading east. Galeena got ‘volunteered’ to scout ahead and came back a short while later reporting another headless creature was tending to five giant rats in pens. Quietly she led them to the room and with surprise showered the thing with missile fire, killing him before he knew what happened. The rats were dispatched in quick fashion in their pens and a quick search turned up nothing of interest or value. Flambo did notice rat saddles, keeping one for any interested buyer of odd things.

The only other exit from the room was a passage to the north, which was an empty room with a passage leading to the west. Before the group made half way through the room though, the splintering of wood was heard from the western passage and 5 green-eyed skeletons made their way into the room.

Vendee, brandishing a ‘magical’ amulet Flambo bought for him in the market, discovered its powers worked and the undead ignored him utterly, focusing on the rest of the group. The fight went bad quickly with the skeletons knocking Lirus and Galeena unconscious early (but Flambo woke Lirus back up quickly) and then Daniel was skewered and Flambo took a couple of hits (going unconscious but remaining stable). The undead realized that there was another attacker they couldn’t see when they finally started dropping to Vendee’s attacks, but eventually he overcame them with an enlargement spell from Lirus. Wounded and bereft of their cleric’s aid, they drug the dead and wounded back to Cicero’s cellar and up into the back room. Vendee stayed with them and sent Lirus to fetch a cleric from the city’s temple. When they returned, the cleric healed Galeena quickly, but had qualms about healing Flambo since he worshipped the God of Fire and he was a cleric of the Goddess of Water. A few coins loosened his morals though and Flambo was healed back to consciousness and given a good scare when his first sight was a holy symbol of Oceanus.

They took Daniel’s body to the Temple of the Waves for Last Rites, leaving him with the clerics along with a silver piece for the Ferryman to ensure his spirit made it to the proper place. Then they visited the sage Suelomon to learn more about the headless creatures (they learnt most people just called them ‘Things’) and on his suggestion visited Wynter’s Oddities, a place for strange items and wonders. They showed a headless body (along with authentic headless spear and sling with rocks!) and rat saddle to one of the curators and took an offer of 60 gold for them.

At this point they decided to celebrate their fallen comrade by having a toast in his name. Going to the Blue Boar, they discovered a packed house and adventurers were all about. Eventually they met with the group heading to Haindrad’s Hills (including 2 elves, 2 dwarves, 1 gnome and a bunch of humans) to explore for the location of Haindrad’s Tomb. They hired on for a regular share and were told to meet at the north gate at mid-morning the next day.

Most of the first three days of caravan guard duty were uneventful, but on the 2nd day the elven druid grew uneasy, citing the weather and nature weren’t feeling right. On the third day, a funnel exploded downwards from the sky, sucking one of the three wagons and the two dwarves away and almost Galeena with them if not for Flambo’s quick thinking and grabbing her. After a few minutes the event ended as quickly as it started. The elven druid called it a Shieldstorm when Flambo asked what happened and explained that when the layer surrounding the world is torn open, a vortex forms under it sucking out everything nearby into the space beyond before it naturally repairs itself. In his time as a druid, the elf has only seen the event twice so they are rare.

On the fourth day, one of the human guards was gone, just a sword and blood smear on the ground where he was keeping watch. No one heard or saw anything…

The fifth day the explorers were within sight of the hills and the gnome (now the leader since the dwarves were presumed dead) broke out the brandy bottles to celebrate. He explained that there were other groups planning similar expeditions, but they are the first to reach the hills. Potent stuff, most of the expedition was passed out by late evening. In the morning of the 6th day, Vendee suggested to the gnome that they at least enter the hills before any more celebrating, which the gnome begrudgingly agreed to (and the rest of the expedition grumbled through epic hangovers packing camp up and traveling the day to get into the hills).

Setting up a base camp, the gnome produced a map with seven locations marked, four of which were “X” over. He explained these were failed expeditions he already undertook. The elven druid can sense when something is amiss with the natural surroundings so these locations were indeed places with something odd or wrong with them, but not Haindrad’s Tomb. He decided that the nearest location, marked “B” would be a good place to start and packed up a wagon, leaving 2 guards and a wagon to remain at base camp.

The next day they explored the new location and Vendee found an odd chunk of obsidian with a red dot in the center of one of its sides ( a sign of Apathos, Haindrad’s Patron Deity) and exploration of the area turned up a set of massive stone doors buried under the soil. Unearthing them and getting them open after a few hours of labor, the gnome decided to enter first and immediately set off a trap, fatally burning himself and a human guardsman. Galeena was ‘volunteered’ to scout again and descended the stairs. When the others joined her, they saw an awesome sight – the structure wasn’t Haindrad’s Tomb, but the tomb of the Zuhn Empire’s 114th Mekanized Legion. The Legion’s motto was carved in Ancient Common (Zuhn) round their symbol on the ceiling and a crumbling war mek stood in the center of the room. Around the room were pillars and alcoves, each containing a suit of ancient armor. Two suits animated and moved to a guard position in front of the mek, one of them flatly explaining that desecrators of the tomb would be put to death. Flambo apologized and the group backed out of the tomb, not wanting to risk more of the armor animating or the war mek itself. Despite Galeena’s pleas to attempt exploration, the tomb was resealed (but noted on their map).

Still early in the day, they made for site “A”, only a couple of hours away from their current location. When they arrived, they eventually found another obsidian stone with a red dot and unburied an ancient Zuhn-styled archway with three pillars. They fiddled with it for some time, causing it to weakly pulse when they moved through it, but nothing seemed to happen. Flambo cast detect Magic and did feel a very weak field, but determined that whatever magics it once possessed has faded over the millennia to a point where they are useless. Resolving that site “C” is their best chance left, the group returned to base camp and determined to make a fresh start the next day. They expected something bad to have happened to the humans after the trip so far, but on their return learnt that the humans were alive and well but did have a scare with a giant lizard that got bored and left after examining them. Bedding down for the night, things passed quickly.

The next morning they awoke to a slimy, human-faced worm creature attacking one of the guards. Vendee rolled out of his bedroll and came up firing his bow, striking true and killing the creature on a single shot. Four more of the worms reared up though and tore the guard into shreds. The party managed to kill two more and the last two disappeared with puffs of acrid smoke.

Getting their gear and packing up base camp, they back-trailed the slime trails to the magical archway. Deciding it was an oddity to be studied at some later date, they filled it with stones and reburied it, then set out for the last location on the map with what was left of the day…

End of session 2…

Campaign Date: Solenus 5th-13th, 5231 A.C.

XP given out:
  • Flambo the Acolyte – 710 xp (785 xp)
  • Vendee the Magi-scout – 822 xp (934 xp)
  • Galeena Bramblefoot, Woman-at-Arms – 355 xp (355 xp)
  • Lirus the Prestidigitator – 355 xp (355 xp)
Tales from Sirac Point
Session 1

So, the first session of the new campaign got started last night, I’m running some real players through Tales from Sirac’s Point as a shakedown for the module.

We spent the first few hours doing some catching up and ordering out while characters were created, typical fare (although the chatting sessions don’t normally last so long, we hadn’t gotten together in over a month so there was catching up to do). Characters created, we had the Magi-scout Vendee (Male Elven Spellblade) and Flambo the Acolyte (Male Endu Cleric of Vulknar) as the base party. Vendee was a young elf born in Feywood and sent by his superiors to learn more about the Endu culture of the far lands of Var-Ultar. After spending several years there, he befriended a young Endu Cleric, Flambo, and when his current service was done to the satisfaction to his superiors, he was granted a few years of ‘off duty’. Vendee decided to return to the Lands of Ossus and Flambo accompanied him, so they boarded a ship bound for Sirac’s Point, the largest port on southern Ossus’ shores.

The people of Sirac’s Point have literally seen most things the world can offer. They trade silks from far away Ankh-tor, spices from the Great Kingdom and everywhere in between, but when an Endu steps off a ship, the people took notice. Flambo was given a wide berth by the people around him (partly due to his wobbly land legs, and partly from fear he would step on them). Eventually the adventurers made their way to a middle-class inn near the Trader’s Quarter called the Grounded Wench.

Inside they found a small establishment with a near-empty tap room off to the side. The owner, Helga, greeted them in her finest, thickly accented way (she sounded like a Helga from Bulgaria) and offered them rooms. Flambo had to negotiate a price for his though, due to his size Helga feared there would be ‘damages’ incurred on the furniture. After getting keys, they wandered over to the tap room and met Boors, bartender and cook. He offered them some food from the sparse selection available, which included some meat he simply called ‘Thing’. Both decided to try it, and after several minutes, both decided it was good, but tasted strange, neither pork, beef or fowl. When questioned, Boors simply said he got it from some adventurers that cleared out monsters from his wine cellar a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the town was built over the ruins of an older port city and an earthquake opened up some passages to the surface and some creatures have been cropping up. When Vendee and Flambo showed interest in the matter, Boors told them to see if the town hall had any more information or work for hire.

They passed through the Merchant’s Quarter and the Bazaar while trying to find the town hall. They perused a few of the wares, even a few purportedly ‘magical’ ones, but the prices were a bit rich for their purses. Eventually they found the hall, made their way in (with people still gawking at Flambo) and discovered there were several things of interest to the leadership of the town (or interested parties):

~ An expedition to Haindrad’s Hills was being formed to leave in 2 days to attempt to locate Haindrad’s Lost Tomb.

~ Scouts were needed to travel to the former port town of Ventes (now a ruin and battlefield) because of reports of humanoids looting the weapons and armor of the fallen.

~ The Lord Mayor was interested in hiring parties to travel into the ruins of the Undercity and explore it and eliminate any threats to Sirac’s Point.

They decided to hire out for the Tomb Expedition, but in the meantime to do some exploring in the Undercity. Winding their way through the streets they found the Warriors Guild, mentioned by Boors, and were accosted by Karl, the Old Coot and Guildmaster. After some wrangling and negotiating, they hired 2 of the Guild’s members – Galeena Bramblefoot (female halfling Normal Man) – Daniel (male human Normal Man) – it turns out Daniel has a bit of a shady past and lost his weapons gambling at a game of chance. Through their negotiations to hire these two, the group also discovered an adventuring company hired a few retainers a week prior to go into the Undercity and none of them returned.

They equipped both in a manner befitting their status and Vendee found a Magic-user of Veldmari birth (Lirus the Prestidigitator, male elf Magic-user), eventually enticing him to join them as well with the offer of first choice of any magic scrolls the first time they encounter any.

Thus equipped and their numbers bolstered, they determined to meet the next morning and find a place to enter the Undercity. At Galeena’s suggestion, the next morning they met at Cicero’s Books (a place of learning and book-trade) because she heard a tale or two that there was an entrance under the shop. Ready for their first taste of adventure, they prepared to enter…

And that’s where the first session ended…

Campaign Date: Solenus 4th-5th, 5231 A.C.

XP given out:
  • Flambo the Acolyte – 75 xp (75 xp)
  • Vendee the Magi-scout – 112 xp (112 xp)
  • Galeena Bramblefoot – 0 xp (0 xp)
  • Daniel – 0 xp (0 xp)
  • Lirus the Prestidigitator – 0 xp (0 xp)

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