Character Creation

The rules for creating a PC are the following:

• Ability Scores are rolled on 4d6, drop the lowest die, straight down the line. If the modifiers do not net a 0 or more, a new set of stastics can be rolled at the player’s option.

• Bards, Illusionists, Magic-users and Spellblades begin play with a spell book with 4 spells of random determination, plus Read Magic.

• Characters begin play with the maximum starting gold for their class, or the equipment pack plus 6 gp.

• Characters all begin play with maximum hit points. Halfling and Elven characters of the Fighting-man classes use d6’s for hit point rolls instead of d8’s due to their small size (halfling) and faerie build (Elves). Large characters (Endu and Giantkin) of the Magic-user classes use d6’s for hit points rolled instead of d4’s due to their larger size.

• Characters have no level restrictions, regardless of race.

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Character Creation

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