In the World of Onn, there are four class groups:

  • Bards
  • Clerics (including Druids and Shao Disciples)
  • Fighting-men (including Divine Champions, Spellblades and Rangers)
  • Magic-users (including Illusionists)

Bards are a class that combines the tavern entertainer, eclectic lore seeker and tale spinner with a small amount of spellcasting. They seek adventure, not for gold or glory, but for the adventure itself and the tales that could be told from it.

Clerics seek the favor and to serve Higher Powers, living through the guidance of their patron Deity. Druids are similar to their civilized counterparts, living and serving a patron Deity, but they worship those that are part of Nature. Shao Disciples are clerics that live a mostly cloistered life, seeking to meld physical, spiritual and emotional sides of the self into Perfection in the eyes of their patron Deity.

Fighting-men are the warriors of any adventuring group. It is their job to protect the group and slay whatever foul creature sets its sight on them. Fighting-men of exceptional piety and devotion that have higher than average abilities may become Divine Champions, warrior-servants of the Higher Powers. Some Fighting-men have a talent for combining the fighting arts with the magical arts and become Spellblades. Those fighting-men that are more wilderness-oriented with exceptional abilities may become Rangers, commando-type warriors that keep Law in the wild lands and ensure that civilization does not creep too quickly into Nature’s Realm.

Magic-users wield arcane magic, believed by the illiterate and misled commoners to be witchcraft or sorcery. Magic-users are most at home in a musty library, but many take to adventuring to test the power of their magic against evil. Magic-users that focus on clouding the minds and senses of others and creating that which isn’t truly there are called Illusionists. While Illusionists don’t have the pure destructive power of a Magic-user, they can dredge up fears from the minds of their enemies.

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