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The World of Onn is mish-mash setting of 3 major land masses – Ossus, Var-Ultar and an as-yet unexplored land.

Kingdoms and realms located on Ossus loosely combine elements of the Greek/Roman period and medieval Europe with some advanced mechanical workings and weak versions of firearms – finding a phalanx of warriors fighting alongside mounted knights in full knight’s armor and a rifle regiment are not totally uncommon in larger kingdoms, such as the Great Kingdom. Bath houses, great pillared homes and sprawling castles can be found in abundance as well as amphitheaters where plays and oral debates are held and small-scale coliseums where controlled bloodshed can be found.

Var-Ultar is more of an Egyptian-styled setting where the two major races, Men and Gnolls, vie for control of the livable landscape. Both holy empires follow the rulership of their priest-kings as the word of their Deity and although there are skirmishes on both sides of the border, the current priest-kings are brokering peace deals based on new discoveries in ancient ruins found across the landscape and in the Ironsands Desert.

What adventures can find the characters of these lands? Only time will tell.

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Main Page

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