Sirac's Point Region

Siracs Point Region

Sirac’s Point rests on a horn in south-central Ossus, a freeport that does brisk trade with all of southern Ossian ports and the faraway lands of Var-Ultar. Nestled near the Wyrmwood, Haindrad’s Hills, Whitemarsh, Provallah, and various battlefields and ruins and monster-filled wildlands that have yet to be tamed, the city is ripe with adventuring opportunities and political intrigue.

Fens of Cas – A saltwater swamp on the edge of the sea, Cas is notable for its Lizardkin population and ancient ruins.

Haindrad’s Hills – Haindrad’s Hills were once under the protection of Haindrad the Whiteguard, a Divine Champion of exceptional ability with dreams of founding his own kingdom. He liked the rolling, wooded hills of the region and settled there. His dreams came crashing down when one of his retainers turned on him and assassinated him, then fled into the night. His tomb was excavated on the spot his keep was to be raised and is said to house powerful artifacts dedicated to Apathos, Lord of the Gods and Haindrad’s patron. Once considered a pilgrimage site, the tomb’s location has been lost Since the invasion of Sirac’s Point by the Great Kingdom 3 decades ago and the increased humanoid presence in the hills since his dethroning by Jorgen Raelvorn 2 decades ago.

Provalah – A small trading colony founded by men from the Var-Ultaran kingdom of Ankh-tor, Provallah has been bypassed by the wars and political intrigue of the last few decades. Goods from the Kingdom of Ankh-tor flow through here on their way to Sirac’s Point and other ports of call around Ossus.

Whitemarsh – Whitemarsh was the place where an ancient artifact, the Witch’s Blade, was used to summon an army of the dead and defeat Vilhelm the Elder 20 years ago. In the conflict, the blade was destroyed and released a wave of undeath that washed over the entire swamp. Every dead thing rose, free-willed and intelligent, and undead creatures instinctively just know that the place is a haven for them. The town is taken over by the undead creatures, save one building: the Temple of Tymira. It sits near the center of town on an island with one bridge remaining that connects it to the rest of the town. Three priests of Tymira reside there, attempting to find a way to end the suffering of the dead and the land as well.

Wyrmwood – According to ancient human writings, Wyrmwood is infested with Forest Dragons. There is a single village of elves living in the wood that refute all claims of dragons in the wood and allow outsiders to freely come and go (adventurers are welcome, until they wear their welcome out). The one recorded dragon sighting was during the Great Kingdom’s expansion under Vilhelm the Elder 20 years ago. His mekanized troops encountered a creature at the edge of the Wyrmwood near the village of Twinpines and fought it for over a day. The creature never fully exposed itself, but descriptions of its parts sounded like at least one of the beasts. The entire village was razed to the ground by Vilhelm’s troops and the creature was not seen afterwards.

Ventes – A battlefield during the expansion of Vilhelm the Usurper’s Great Kingdom, this small port city was razed to the ground when the mekanized troops met the army and navy of Sirac’s Point. Vilhelm’s Meks pounded the offshore fleet when they attempted to land troops and flattened the land-troops and mercenary troops in a bloody massacre. Now the site is a ruin where monsters, adventurers, traders and treasure hunters seek items of value and shelter.

There are various old ruins that dot the landscape as well, some occupied by squatters or fell monsters and some may still hide whatever treasure and secrets their former owners possessed.

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Sirac's Point Region

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