The Freeport of Sirac's Point

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Places of Interest

1 – Temple of the Endless Wave: Central to the survival of Sirac’s Point and its continued well-being are the followers of Oceanus, Goddess of the Sea. They bless every captain and ship that makes a generous donation for safe journeys and good weather. The current reigning temple priest is Palma Vere, High Priestess of the Waves, who is attended by 5 lesser clerics of the temple. They also perform healing services for the following rates:

  • Wound Healing, Cure Light (1d6+1) – 10 gp
  • Wound Healing, Cure Serious (2d6+2) – 20 gp
  • Wound Healing, Cure Critical (4d6+4) – 50 gp
  • Cure Disease – 100 gp
  • Remove Curse (per caster level) – 100 gp
  • Raise Dead (per caster level) – 1,000 gp
  • Restore Energy Drained Level – 5,000 gp

2 – Cicero’s Books: A large booktrader with a vast collection of tomes for sale from lands near and far. The shop itself is extremely well-kept, but highly disorganized. Searching for a specific book can take the better part of a day (1d4 hours) but the buyer knows he is getting the best condition of book upfront. Cicero Bendt himself is an average-looking man, but sharp of mind and wit.

3 – Tower of Sorcerers: This small 2-story tower has stood since before the founding of Sirac’s Point, and with its archaic designs may have been erected during the Zuhn Empire’s waning days. The current owner is Varja Ostellos, who along with her 4 apprentices provide the city and adventurers with minor magical services (for a small fee, of course). On any given day, Varja will have the following items in stock:

  • 1d3 Random Potions – 50 gp
  • 1d3 Minor Arcane Scrolls – 50 gp / spell level
  • 1 Minor Miscellaneous Magical Item – 300 gp
  • 1d3 Minor Arcane Wands – 200 gp / spell level
  • 1 Minor Magical Ring – 500 gp
  • 1 Minor Magical Weapon or Armor/Shield – 1,000 gp

4 – Suelomon’s Wonders: This modest 2-story building is fronted by a pillared venue where street musicians and talespiners perform. Inside the building is divided into many rooms, each housing a related collection of ancient artifacts and historical oddities. The upper floor is reserved for teaching historical facts and musical training. The current Curator and Master of Histories, Suelomon Arturus, and his 6 students in training (to become Bards and Sages) give daily tours and lectures on the history of the Zuhn Empire. For a fee (usually 100 gp per week) Suelomon will perform sage-like research on Zuhn Artifacts and Ruins if hired. He will gladly buy any ancient artifacts offered to him at reasonable prices.

5 – Jewels of the North: This opulent 2-story building is fronted by a pillared patio and carved gargoyles watching to the four winds. Inside are rows of crystal cases filled with jewelry and gemstones of all shaped and sized from lands both near and far. The upper floor is the living quarters for the business’ proprietor, Astrid Bakelokken. She buys gems and jewelry at 40-70% of their appraised value and offers gemcutting services for a 10% fee of the gemstone’s value.

6 – Fistantyrus the Learned: This small building is home to the Sage Fistantyrus, a man whose specialities runs with lore on undead and undead-like creatures. As a younger man, Fistantyrus was once an adventurer, but after losing most of his adventuring companions and friends in a tomb and nearly losing his own life to the hunger of an undead creature he found that a sedentary life may be more his calling.

7 – The Trader’s Market: Traders and merchants from all over Ossus and Var-Ultar can be found in the Trader’s Market hawking their wares. Anything (subject to Referee approval) can be found in this bazaar and for the right price can be bought.

The Freeport of Sirac's Point

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